What are NFTs and how do they work

What is NFT and How does an NFT work
What is NFT and How does an NFT work

In today’s post, we will learn What are NFTs and how they work. The complete form of NFT is Non-Fungible Token, in which Fungible means Replaceable and Non-Fungible means Non-Replaceable i.e. which can never be replaced.

Like the Kohinoor diamond, the Taj Mahal, and the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci, all these things are unique in the whole world, meaning they can never be changed. Just such things will happen in digital form and whoever has created any art, its creator will remain the same.

What is NFT and how does NFT work
What is NFT and how does NFT work

Now let’s try to understand the name of this NFT in simple words, so let’s start –

What are NFTs?

As we told you NFT means Non-Fungible Token ie Non-Replaceable Token which can never be changed, now we understand it in a little easier language –

Let’s say there are two persons one is named X while the other is named Y, X has a 5-dollar note, while Y also has a 5-dollar note, now the value of both the notes is equal.

But note X which has it has the signature of the great scientist Albert Einstein. And that note is the only one in the whole world, so the note X possesses is more valuable than the Y note because it is the only one in the whole world.

This is the only note bearing the signature of the great scientist Albert Einstein. That is, now this 5-dollar note is a unique note and its owner is X because now that note is with him.

Now it is worth noting how can we assume that the note bears the signature of Albert Einstein, How will we be sure that the notes that are being told to us are real or fake?

To prove this thing, a token is needed which is a kind of digital certificate i.e. digital code so that it can be proved that who is the owner of this thing.

It means to say that if you sell any of your art in digital form, then the person who buys from you will also get digital codes so that it can be proved that now he is the owner. I hope you have understood what is token in NFT (Non-fungible token)

What is NFT and how does NFT work

Now I will tell one more thing in this that if you make an NFT then whoever buys from you will give you money but whoever has bought NFT from you, if he also sells it to someone else then you will get 10% royalty in that and till then Will keep getting it whenever someone buys your made art.

So now we understand what is the meaning of NFT, what is the full form of NFT and what is called NFT. Now in this, we will understand how NFT works, for this, we will understand a little more deeply.

How to create and sell NFTs

How do NFTs work?

Whenever you sell or buy a photo or music video on the NFT Marketplace, you get a token and whoever has this token will be the real owner of that photo, video, or music.

This token is stored on the blockchain Manly Ethereum Blockchain Technology is used for NFT which is 100% Safe and Powerful Technology.

Whatever is entered inside the blockchain is non-erasable, meaning no one can change or hack it.

Because whatever data is stored inside the blockchain does not reside only in your system, it is stored in a peer-to-peer network.

Meaning that all the computers that are connected to this network have a copy store of this data.

If anyone wants to make changes inside this data, then apart from hacking that computer, all the computers that are connected to that blockchain network will have to hack them.

And this is an absolutely impossible task, so it is said that it is impossible to hack whatever data is inside the blockchain.

In the coming times, education, the agriculture sector, banking real estate, and virtual reality, all will make our life better and easier than before by using blockchain.

With the help of Blockchain, many amazing things like Metaverse, Virtual Reality, Digital Real Estate, and Web 3.O are coming very soon.

Afterward, you will not have to show the original documents for document verification, you will not have to prove who the real owner is, and there will be no word in the name of the fake degree because all these things will be related to the blockchain and within 1-second Ownership can be verified through code.

So in this post, we explained NFT and Blockchain in a very easy way.

Now we have already written a post on how to make NFT and how to sell NFT, whose link we have given above this article, how you can make NFT in it for free and learn about selling it.

What did you learn in this post?

In today’s post, we learned what are NFTs and how do they work, in addition to this, we understood Blockchain, and what is Blockchain. I hope you liked this post, if you have any questions related to NFTs, then definitely tell us by commenting below.

FAQ: What is NFT and How does an NFT work?

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