How to create and sell NFTs on Opensea free

How to create and sell NFTs on Opensea
How to create and sell NFTs on Opensea

In today’s post, we will learn How to create and sell NFTs on Opensea, before we learned what NFTs is and how it works. In this post, we will learn how to create an NFT and list it for sale with the help of Opensea.

There are many websites to create NFT like,, etc. But we will learn to sell by making NFT in opensea so let’s start –

How to create and sell NFTs on Opensea
How to create and sell NFTs on Opensea

Create your account in Opensea

Create an account in Opensea: You search in your search engine, and after searching go to its website where you will get the option of create, click on it.

After clicking on create, you have to attach a wallet to it, you will find many wallets in it, which you can connect to Opensea, but I would recommend that you choose Torus Wallet because you can easily log in with your Gmail id.

When you are logged in with Torus, then you have to click on Create after which you will be taken to a new page where Create New Item will be written.

There you can create your NFT, what is NFT, we have already told you, if you do not know, then in this post, we have given a link to that post, you can go and read it.

In this, you can upload any of your images, videos, or music that you yourself have created and that is not available anywhere else, you can upload that digital art here and put it on sale.

How to Create Image, Video, and Audio for NFT

You can use a website like Photoshop, Canva, or Picsart to create images, videos, or audio for NFT. You can create your own original image and sell it by going to a website like opensea.

Upload your image, audio, or video

You have to click on Create New Item, now you can upload whatever digital image you have created, after uploading you have to enter the title of that image, and after entering the title you can write a description about that image That is, to give information about that image

And there will be a few formalities that you can add if you want, after filling in all the formalities you have to choose the blockchain in which you can choose either Ethereum or Polygon (My recommendation is Polygon because it’s free). After selecting the blockchain, the option of create comes below, click on that, and after that, your NFT will be created.

Sell your NFT

How to Sell NFT: After completing all these steps, you have to click on sell, after clicking on sell, you will have to enter the price of the NFT that you have created i.e. how much you want to sell your NFT.

And the price that you will keep for your NFT will neither be in dollars nor in any of your local money, it will be priced in Ethereum and if you want to know the price of 1 Ethereum, then you can see it by searching in Google.

After fixing the price, you will have to enter its duration i.e. for how long you want to keep it listed, if you want, you can keep it listed for a long time.

After this step you have to click on the complete listing, after clicking on this your NFT will be listed on this website now your NFT is ready for sale

After this step, you will have to fill one more step in which you will have to complete the listing, and a page will come in front of you in which you will have to unlock all the functions.

So in this way you can create and sell any digital art online.

What did you learn in today’s post

In today’s post, we learned how to create an account in Opensea and how we can sell our digital art by converting it to NFT. If you have any questions regarding NFT then you can ask us by commenting below.

FAQ: How to Create and Sell NFTs

How to create and sell NFTs on Opensea free

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